Save Water

Pakistan can run dry by 2025.

Save Water to Serve the Future!

One of the most prevalent issue that Pakistan is facing is the water crisis. Climate change has disturbed the pattern of rainfall in the country while overdependence on groundwater has reduced its level to alarming limits. According to a research, if Pakistan doesn’t mend its ways, it will turn from a “water stressed” country to a “water scarce” country by the year 2025.
The surface and ground water are depleting rigorously. By 2016, surface water availability per capita fell close to 1000 cubic centimeters and is expected to decrease even further.

Let’s minimize water usage in small ways daily.

As the water crisis worsens in Pakistan, foreign diplomats and activists have taken to social media, urging people to save water. We need to understand the urgency of the situation as time is running out and a lot needs to be done in this regard. An equal responsibility lies on all of us at an individual level to conserve as much water as we can. For example, while brushing our teeth, we generally leave our taps on, releasing three gallons of water per minute. So, brushing twice a day for three minutes each will result in 18 gallons of water being wasted per person per day which amounts to 6,570 gallons of water wastage per person per year. Similarly, we can keep our taps turned off during dish washing intervals, car washing and laundry. Also, we can minimize water wastage by reducing the time we shower for each day. Most importantly, every household should keep an eye out for any leakage in water pipes and fix them immediately.
These steps do not look so significant on paper but in the long run they can and will make a real difference. We need to be aware of the magnitude and severity of this issue before the wells gets dry and we realize the worth of water in our lives.

“No Water. No Life”