Save Animals

Killing of street dogs is very common these days.

Let’s Become the Voice of the Voiceless!

Pakistan has by far, one of the most obsolete animal laws in existence. There has been rampant animal abuse since decades. We have seen animals tortured to death, burnt in zoos and surviving in miserable living conditions
Kaavan, the world’s loneliest elephant, spent 35 years in Islamabad, living in a completely miserable and isolated condition. After a court battle of almost three decades, Kaavan’s suffering was identified. In 2020, a video showing zoo caretakers lighting a fire in a lions’ cage to spur them to move to another cage went viral on social media. We hear about numerous cold blooded and relentless killing of street dogs every other day.

Fines alone cannot deter abuse of animals.

Animal rights activists say that Pakistan’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1890) needs to be updated. Even though animal cruelty was instated as a punishable offense in the country earlier this year, rescue workers say fines alone cannot deter abuse.
The famous picture of Quaid-e-Azam, playing with his black Doberman and white West Highland Terrier, is clearly plastered in the memories of many people who adore animals. Today, unfortunately there are a lot of people who either do not appreciate the beauty of animals, or are indifferent to their plight, which is why places such as pet markets, where animals are kept in heinous conditions for sale, thrive. There is nothing wrong with selling or buying animals, however, the shambolic state in which these animals are kept is revolting.
The predicament of these animals deserves to be heard, so let’s give them a voice and work on helping sustain all lives on earth!