About Us

Planet Anytime is a project of Anytime Juices by Shakarganj

Who we are

Anytime Juices and Nectars provides their customers a variety of juices with premium quality and refined taste. Anytime is available in the delicious flavours of Orange, Red Grape, Green Apple, and Chaunsa.
We want everyone to make the most out of life through making memories and spending time with their loved ones. To this end, we have launched a new initiative by the name of Planet Anytime where we will work together with all of you, towards the betterment of the environment so that you may continue to make and cherish such memories.
So, take it slow and say cheers to life with anytime!

Raising awareness and protecting the environment

What we believe

The idea behind initiating Planet Anytime by Anytime juices is to raise awareness and activate the environmental movement in Pakistan in order to educate the masses about sustainable development, climate change and the value of humanity.
We aspire to instill the idea of making major changes, through the little, combined, collective efforts of the masses. We want to awaken in everyone, the desire to make small changes in their daily lives which can go a long way to halting the environmental degradation, and improving the living conditions for future generations. We at Planet Anytime, Pledge to match the efforts made by you, and do our part in saving this world of ours.
We believe, together we can make a real difference and save our world for this generation and the next. So, join us and be a part of the movement to protect the planet with Anytime!

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